Reviews of DVD vs Blu-ray vs Digital File Comparison for Watching Movies

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Summary of DVD vs Blu-ray vs Digital File Comparison 

Blu-ray has better audio/video quality than DVD and digital but needs more money and specific devices or software to play, for example Blu-ray player, Blu-ray drive on computer, HDTV. DVD discs are cheaper and easier to access, play. Digital movies and TV shows can be downloaded and streamed to computer/smartphones/tablets directly but rely on internet. Sometimes, the downloaded HD digital movies, TV shows may be in other formats, like MKV incompatible with portable devices and a video converter is probably in need for smooth playback on phones or tablets. In a nutshell, the answer to which format is best for watching movies/TV shows depends on your needs, to pursue the highest video/audio quality or to have a movie/TV show enjoyment on any devices with no limitations. 


Details of Blu-ray Disc vs DVD vs Digital File 

The biggest difference between DVD, Blu-ray and digital file is that DVD and Blu-ray are real discs while digital file is virtual goods. In the following, let’s go to in-depth comparison of DVD vs Blu-ray vs digital file through their definitions and pros/cons for watching movies/TV shows. 

Blu-ray Disc: Blu-ray Disc (BD) is a digital optical disc data storage format designed to supersede the DVD format, in that it is capable of storing high-definition video resolution (1080p). In spite of the high resolution and big storage capacity, Blu-ray Disc is too big to carry and use, to store and preserve. Of course, Blu-ray disc is a bit more expensive than DVD. Further more, considering the high price of Blu-ray Disc drive, and the bad compatibility of it, if you do not require special high quality of movie, I personally think there is no need to use a Blu-ray Disc. 

DVD: As the most common storage format, I have to admit the convenience, maturity, competitive price of DVD, but we do recognize that they are easy to get oxidized and damaged, but not easy to store and seek. 

Digital Video File: At a high level of abstraction, a digital file is a stored segment or block of information that is available to a computer program. Digital file is the easiest format to store and index. You can easily locate the digital file in a certain file folder in order to simplifying sorting through them. 

DVD vs Blu-ray vs Digital File: Pros/Cons to Watch Movies/TV shows with DVD/Blu-ray/Digital File 

DVD vs Blu-ray vs Digital File – Quality 

To compare DVD vs Blu-ray vs digital file, DVD outputs SD video encoded with MPEG-2 and costs less (either purchase or rent) than Blu-ray and HD digital file. On the other hand, Blu-ray and HD digital file can deliver movies/TV shows up to 1080p HD and Blu-ray has superior audio quality than other two formats. 

DVD vs Blu-ray vs Digital File – Playback 

Digital file is the most popular format for movies/TV shows nowadays for it can be watched on a diverse of devices, PC, Mac, laptop, smartphones and tablets by downloading or streaming from lots of online stores, like iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Netflix, while DVD and Blu-ray can be only played with DVD/Blu-ray players or software on computer unless you rip DVD/Blu-ray to digital file. 

Blu-ray or HD digital movies/TV shows requires a HDTV or device featuring HD resolution display (for example iPhone 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, iPad Air 3, Google Nexus 9). Otherwise, there is no difference with playing DVDs or SD digital files. 

In a nutshell, digital file is the best choices if you want to watch movies/TV shows on portable devices anywhere anytime but relying on internet. Blu-ray has highest video/audio quality but troubling with playing and costing more. DVD is much cheaper and common than Blu-ray but having lower quality. Plus, commerical Blu-ray and DVD movies/TV shows are protected by region codes, CSS and other encryptions while digital file is restrictions-free. 

How to Convert Blu-ray/DVD to Digital File for Enjoyment 

Then, what I want to say is, GO DIGITAL, safe and convenient digital file! Digital files are more flexible and portable file format than both DVD and Blu-ray. Pavtube BDMagic can convert your large DVD collection into a variety of digital file formats like HD AVI, HD MP4, HD MOV, HD WMV, FLV, VOB, MKV, WMV, MPEG, etc, or portable device including iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone SE, iPad Air 3, iPad Mini 4, The New iPad Pro 9.7, iPad 4, iPod series, Apple TV 4, BlackBerry Cell Phones and PlayBook, Sumsung Galaxy series, Galaxy Tab S2, Note, Nexus, HTC Flyer, Vivid, One, Sensation, EVO 4G, Desire, Sony Xperia Z6, Sony cell phone and game player, Microsoft Surface, Surface Pro 4, Google Nexus 7, XBox, Zune, etc. 

Here, you can download Pavtube DVDAid or Pavtube BDMagic to rip or convert DVD or Blu-ray to your desired common files formats to enjoy on portable devices with ease. 

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