Extract SRT Subtitles from Blu-ray/DVD

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Benefits of SRT subtitles

SRT subtitles is much more handy than the burned subtitles on the video. It’s plain text, so it is small sized and can be formatted by the player to the liking of the user. Also it is very easy to merge in containers like mkv so that you can have video, audio and subtitles in one file.

Why choose to extract SRT subtitle instead of downloading SRT subtitle?

Sometimes, you may find that there are not the extract SRT subtitles online to be downloaded for your Blu-ray/DVD movies or the subtitles downloaded online can’t sync with the video ripped from a Blu-ray/DVD correctly just as the condition described below:

“I’ve got some srt files from the internet, but after 5 minute of playing or they are too fast or they are too slow. ”

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Which is the best tool to rip Blu-ray/DVD to SRT format?

Although there are many DVD Ripping software on the market, however, you may be disappointed most applications even includes some free options such as Handbrake or Avidemux only allows you to rip the DVD file with the subtitles encoded in the video. But what really want to do is only ripping the subtitles and not the video.

The good news is here comes Pavtube ByteCopy. The program is superior to all the other SRT Subtitle Extractor tools on the market in the following aspects:
– Only extract the SRT file but not the video from Blu-ray/DVD movies for you
– A combo function of Blu-ray SRT subtitle extractor and DVD SRT subtitle extractor
– Full loading support for Blu-ray Disc/BDMV folder/ISO image file and DVD Disc/Video_TS folder/IFO/ISO image file
– Powerfully and automatically bypass Blu-ray/DVD copy protection and region code in the background with the built-in disc decrypter
– Keeps constant update to deal with the new encryption used on DVD disc or MKB61 and MKB62 used on Blu-ray disc.
– Available on both Windows and Mac platform (get Mac version).
– Perfect compatibility with the new Windows 10 and macOS High Sierra

How to Extract SRT Subtitle from Blu-ray/DVD Movies?

Step 1: Import DVD Movies.

Download, install and run this DVD ripper. You can load DVD by clicking “File” > “Load from disc”. Or load DVD Folder by clicking “File” > “Load from folder” or load DVD IFO/ISO image by clicking “File” > “Load IFO/ISO”.

Load DVD movies into the application

Step 2: Choose SRT subtitle format.

Find the “Format” menu, and select “Subtitle File” from its drop-down list. There is an options of the box-“SRT Subtitle(*.srt)”.

Output SRT format

Tips: if you need to set the subtitle language, click the “Settings” to select subtitles by language. Check any language you’d like to keep. You can either keep native-language subtitles only or multiple subtitles in different languages.

Set subtitle language

Step 3. Extract SRT subtitles from Blu-ray/DVD movies.

Press the right-bottom red “Convert” and start extracting *.srt subtitles from Blu-ray DVD process.

When the SRT extracting process is finished, click “Open output folder” to locate the generated files, you will get all the subtitles in English, Italian, Spanish… Which is exactly the same as in your original disc.

Sometimes, the extracted SRT subtitles may not what you desire to get, you can still use our program to add additional external subtitles to Blu-ray/DVD movie files. Just open the “Edit” window, switch to “Subtitles”, check “enable”, you will be able to add your desired subtitles to your converted files.

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