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Watch MKV/AVI/WMV/VOB/DVD/Blu-ray on iPad/iPhone/iPod via Plex


The Plex app is a companion to the Plex media server that runs on any device. Plex has among the best user interfaces for streaming video and audio on the iPad/iPhone/iPod. (Learn how to start Plex) However, it’s not as flawless as we think for that there’re still some widely used formats not supported. MKV, AVI, […]

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Get all my movie collection onto Android Pads via Flash Drive


Android tablets are rapidly gaining in popularity these days, we appreciate storing my movie collections on Flash Drive for watching on Android tablets later. However, I did’t get what I want when putting my favorite MKV/Tivo/FLV/AVI files on Android tablets via flash drive. This is due to Android/Flash Drive’s incompatibility with MKV/Tivo/FLV/AVI files. Any videos […]

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Watch Video Library at home through Plex Media Server


Many people nowadays set up their Plex Media Server to organize and access their videos from a wide range of devices, like Android devices, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Windows RT, etc. However not all video formats are suitable for playback with Plex. For example, it can’t streem a Blu-ray or DVD movie without converting it […]

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