Replacement of VLC/Handbrake for Ripping DVD on macOS Sierra

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Have you ever met the same issues as below:

Q: ” macOS Sierra apparently broke Handbrake ripping copy-protected DVDs. Any clue what to do? This is annoying, I finally got around to starting this now that I have a computer that can do it without feeling concerned that it will catch fire.” Learn >> When Is DVD Ripping Illegal?

More and more people wolud like to watch DVD movies and TV shows on phones and tablets.Therefore, it is necessary to rip DVD for smooth playback. From this article, you can get guide about how to free rip DVD using VLC with HandBrake through Mac OS Sierra. Also, the best VLC/HandBrake alternative will be recommended for free ripping any DVD faster and simpler.


DVD & VLC & HandBrake Issues on Mac

Some people can play DVDs on with VLC great, but some sadly can not access to it. Actually, I do not know the ture reason for it, below just the comments on the forum. Hope you are the luck one! Overall, VLC is powerful in both video playing and streaming. But since it is a player at first, it has inevitably limited the range of input and output formats. Also, VLC does not support the DVD with internal encryption, which has also restricted its capability of processing the DVDs.

” I should admit that VLC Media Player comes with powerful ability to rip DVD. But it still has some drawbacks. For instance, the supported output formats are limited, and sometimes it can’t recognize copy protected DVD and fails to convert the DVD. Plus, it’s too complicated for a newbie to rip DVD with VLC Media Player. ”

Here’s guide of how to free rip CSS copy-protected DVD with VLC and HandBrake and recommends the best alternative for ripping any DVDs more efficiently.

Best Replacement of VLC/Handbrake for Ripping DVD on macOS Sierra

If you want to use only one easy-to-use DVD ripping program to convert any DVDs, including copy-protected DVDs to MP4, WMV, MOV or portable devices instead of installing VLC, HandBrake and any other additional software, Pavtube BDMagic for Mac <Review> is the best VLC/HandBrake alternative.

Why Choose Pavtube BDMagic for Mac as Top VLC/HandBrake Alternative?

Auto gets around DVD copy protection, be it Region Code (1-6), Disney DRM, Sony ARccOS encryption, RCE, CSS, etc. The DVD ripper for macOS Sierra is continuously updated to support users to decrypt and copy the latest DVDs on macOS Sierra with improved quality and speed.
Copies DVD free on macOS Sierra with 36× real time faster speed, thanks to Hyper Threading tech and multi-core CPU utility.
1:1 rips DVD with ZERO quality loss. The secret of the macOS Sierra DVD ripper original quality output lies in embedded “High Quality Engine” and “Deinterlacing”.
Rips DVD on macOS Sierra to MP4, MP3, AVI, FLV, WMV, MOV, ISO image, and other various digital video formats for different occasions, or copies DVD to iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple TV etc. with 370+ preset profiles.
Turn to the step-by-step guide: How to Copy DVD on Mac OS Sierra for Smoothly Playback.

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How to Solved: Play DVD Discs on Mac OS Sierra with VLC player with Handbrake?

VLC: This is an open source media player that can play back many different types of audio and video file formats, including DVD. VLC is different than the DVD player that Apple bundles with your Mac in that it can pass the DVD data to other applications. The DVD player included with a Mac is primarily just for viewing DVDs, not extracting the video data. You can download VLC from the developer’s web site.

So here’s the first recipe, and it’s a pretty simple one. We’ll play a standard DVD using the VLC player program.


1 – A Macintosh computer with a DVD-ROM drive.
1 – The VLC Player program.
1 – A standard DVD.

If you are using the latest version of VLC and still can’t play DVD with it, do as follows:

Part 1 of Solution 1: Initiate DVD Playing Function of VLC

Steps: Launch VLC-> Go to the first tab “Media”-> Click “Open Disc”-> Choose “DVD” in disc selection-> Replay the DVD file


Part 2 of Solution 1: Install Libdvdread, Libdvdnav & Libdvdcss


Most commercial DVDs are encrypted by using a wide range of copy protection/encryption techs. To play encrypted DVD with VLC you must install libdvdread, libdvdnav, and libdvdcss which is the optional dependency for VLC to decode encrypted DVDs.

Step 1. Download the new libdvdread/libdvdnav/libdvdcss;
Step 2. Install the downloaded files (here we take libdvdcsss for Windows as an example):
* Open the libdvdcsss-y.y.y.tar.gz (y.y.y is version number )
* Find & enter the subdirectory libdvdcss-y.y.y
* Execute the command:
make install
Step 3. Repeat above steps to get libdvdread and libdvdnav installed.

>>See how to install libdvdcss for Ubuntu (Linux)
>>See how to install libdvdcss for Mac OS X

Note: After installing, VLC will automatically use them when playing DVDs.

How to Free Rip DVD with VLC as Compatible Formats and HandBrake

Frankly, you may discover the following issues when ripping DVD with HandBrake. Firstly, HandBrake usually selects wrong main title of DVD so that you need to check the correct main title by playing this DVD. Secondly, HandBrake may fail to rip copy-protected DVD, for example outputting videos out of order if DVD is CSS encrypted.

Note: Confirm that the dll file version completely meets your computer system, for example Windows 32-bit or 64-bit.

1. Import DVD disc by clicking Source button. Also, you can import ISO image or VIDEO_TS folder by using Open Folder/File options.

2. Choose output formats, MP4/MKV or devices presets, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV or Android. Of course, you can adjust audio/video parameters and edit videos like cropping, adding subtitles.

3. Click Browse button to save ripped DVD video to destination folder and Start button to convert DVD.

Tips & Tricks About Handbrake Playback issues>>


With the assistance of third-party software like the renowned VLC Media Player or a Professional tool Handbrake as best Free DVD Ripper for Mac. After read this article guides, you may have no issues with the best VLC/HandBrake alternative for ripping DVDs, even copy-protected DVDs faster and simper.

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