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Copy Blu-ray to Play on Samsung UHD TV via HDD and Flash Drive


With four times the picture resolution of a 1080p HDTV, breathtakingly lifelike images and the ability to upscale all of you content including movies, TV shows, sports to near-Ultra HD quality, Samsung 4K Ultra High Definition TV, whether it’s 55, 65 or 85 inches, deliver us a grand visual experience that is utterly immersive and […]

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Get all my movie collection onto Android Pads via Flash Drive


Android tablets are rapidly gaining in popularity these days, we appreciate storing my movie collections on Flash Drive for watching on Android tablets later. However, I did’t get what I want when putting my favorite MKV/Tivo/FLV/AVI files on Android tablets via flash drive. This is due to Android/Flash Drive’s incompatibility with MKV/Tivo/FLV/AVI files. Any videos […]

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